Internal Control Procedures

One of the bedrocks of regulatory compliance are creating and maintaining strong internal controls systems (ICS). At Simply Alpha Capital we will audit your company and then work with you to assist you in building strong internal control documents. We all cover all the key areas including:

  • AML/KYC procedures
  • Financial Controls (protection of player funds)
  • Security Policies
  • Testing Policies
  • Employee Policies
  • Complaint Procedures
  • Problem Gambling & Self exclusions Policies
  • Data Protection Polices

Your internal control documents will assist you in all future licensing and regulatory needs.

We offer a package to produce a complete and regulatory complaint ICS document.

Outsourced Compliance Officer

In order to maintain your ongoing compliance needs and continue to meet the standards of most licensing bodies every gambling company need a chief compliance officer. For smaller companies the cost of this role, which requires a highly qualified individual, can be extraordinary. We solve that problem by providing a package that bring you an outsourced compliance officer to monitors and control all your internal controls.

Compliance Reviews

For emerging companies we offer a a compliance review package. We will review all your existing policies, suggest improvements, due a basic compliance audit and prepare a report on how you can improve your procedures.

Our goal is to not only to keep you in compliance with all regulatory bodies, but to make sure your business maintain the standards of the best regulatory practices.

Ongoing Consulting

Every situation is different. We can create packages to cover common situations, but not every client will have the same needs.

As a result we provide hourly rates for individual consulting to meet all your regulatory compliance needs.

Contact us for Pricing Options